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Get a 650 Area Code Number As Your Virtual Phone Number!

Silicon Valley is practically synonymous with the tech revolution that has taken place over the last two decades. It is home to some of the world's largest high-tech companies as well as thousands of start-ups. So, it's no wonder the 650 area code is one of the most sought-after area codes. 

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650 Area Code

Did you know that Silicon Valley spans more than 20 miles and has plenty to offer outside of technology and innovation?

Protect Your Privacy With a 650 Phone Number

Using a second phone number is a great way to separate your personal life from your professional one. Using a 650 phone number will not only allow you to protect your personal number and information but will also add a level of trust when doing business in the tech space.

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What Cities Does the 650 Area Code Cover?

The 650 area code serves San Mateo, Redwood City, Mountain View, South San Francisco, and Palo Alto. It is the only area code that serves the area.


SpoofCard offers features for businesses, professionals, and personal privacy. 


SpoofCard makes it easy to use a second phone number while ensuring your personal information is private and secure. Instantly get a virtual phone number to call and text from or add additional numbers you own (like an office line!) so you can call from that number using your personal device, regardless of where you are.


Send text messages through a second phone number of your choosing. Select from our list of virtual numbers and get the conversation started! It's easy to use, accessible from anywhere, and 100% secure. All responses are FREE and once you're done with the conversation, simply delete the message and you won't receive any more replies!


SpoofCard gives you the ability to automatically replenish your credits so you never have to worry about running out.


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“I'm so thankful to have SpoofCard for my business. I use it to protect my personal number when texting to schedule appointments. I love that I can protect my personal privacy even with text messages.”

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"SpoofCard has been a lifesaver so many times. I travel for work and my wife and kids are often home without me. Since my home address is connected to my personal number, I'll text through SpoofCard so clients and others can't get access to where I live."

Andy P.

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“Online dating opens up the door to meeting a lot of creeps. I hate giving out my number to guys before I’m sure I want them to have it. SpoofCard lets me protect my number while still being able to send text messages to potential dates.”

Lindsey R.

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Using a 650 Phone Number Through SpoofCard is Easy!

Click below to download the app. After you sign up, enter the number you want to call or text, and then, select a 650 phone number to use, and voila! Now you can make calls or send text messages from a 650 area code!

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