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3 Safety Tips for Buying and Selling Online

‘Tis the season for buying and selling online! As the holidays approach and shipping delays plague shoppers, keeping your holiday shopping local seems to be the trend. Many have found success by browsing online platforms that connect you with people in your area. Below are three tips for staying safe while doing your holiday shopping online. 

Stick to Locations You Know

It may sound obvious, but meeting in a location you are familiar with is the safest option. Somewhere with a lot of foot traffic, during the day, is best. You can even consider bringing along a friend, significant other, or family member. If you feel particularly uncomfortable, you can check with your local police station or find a business with security cameras.

Use a Secondary Number to Communicate

If further communication is needed off the buying/selling platform, it’s wise to use a secondary number to protect your privacy. A simple google search of your phone number usually results in your home address, age, occupation, and so much more. Using an app such as SpoofCard to text or call from a secondary number will give you peace of mind and keep you (and your personal information) safe.

Inspect The Person’s Profile Before Meeting

Be sure to check out the person’s profile by clicking “seller/buyer information”. Make sure they are located in your area, or the area they say. It’s also smart to see if you have any mutual friends or that they at least have a decent amount of friends. If their profile looks bare or brand new, it may be a red flag.

Using Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Etsy, Offer Up, and other online platforms is a great way to buy and sell once-loved items. Sticking to these safety tips will ensure a smooth and successful transaction.


For more tips on protecting your personal privacy and data, visit www.spoofcard.com/blog.

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