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4 Nifty SpoofCard Features You (Probably) Didn’t Know About

If you’re like the majority of SpoofCard users, you probably use SpoofCard to change your caller ID. But did you know that SpoofCard has some other really cool features you should take advantage of?

Here are the top four nifty Spoofcard Features you (probably) didn’t know about…

1.) Change Your Voice on iPhone, Android, or the Web

Yup, that’s right. If you need to protect your identity, use the voice changer to disguise your voice and make it sound like you’re someone else. Our voice changer plays off of your natural pitch, so if you’re a female using the female voice changer, it will raise your pitch even higher. Likewise, if you’re a male using the male voice changer, your voice will sound much deeper than usual. You can find the voice changer on our SpoofCard app as well as on the SpoofCard dashboard once you’re logged in.

2.) Record Your Calls Quickly & Easily

If you’re going to be placing a call, chances are you don’t want to miss any important details. We have a really easy-to-use phone call recorder that’ll record your outgoing calls. It’s not automatically selected, because you might not want to record every call. This leaves our recording option completely in your control. Just select this feature if you want your calls recorded; otherwise, it will remain off by default.

3.) Disguise Your Location

If you’re going to pretend to be someone else, you might as well go all the way and hide your location too! SpoofCard has a large selection of background noises that help add realistic background effects to your calls. Running late to work? Our traffic background noise makes it sound like you’re stuck in city traffic. Want to play a joke on your significant other? Call them with our club background noise and tell them you’re hanging out with your friends and won’t make it to your date.

4.) Send Calls Straight to Voicemail

And our favorite one of all! Do you want to leave someone a message but don’t want them to pick up the phone? Maybe you need to let them know some important news, but don’t have time for the conversation. If you don’t want to be rude but still want to get a message to them, this is a feature you’ll definitely want to use. SpoofCard offers an option to send your call straight to the voicemail of the person you’re calling. Just check the box to the left of this option to turn it on for your call. This is one of our most popular features, though new customers don’t often notice it.

In addition, you can send text messages using SpoofText from the SpoofCard desktop application. We hope you take advantage of these features and continue protecting your privacy with SpoofCard.

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