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6 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating & A Surefire Way to Catch Them

Need to find out if your partner is cheating on you?

Heartbreak. Betrayal. Insecurity. Jealously. Anger. Getting cheated on is one of the worst experiences in life.

Whether you want to scream #$@%*!, destroy their stuff, or hide away, there’s still a tremendous amount of uncertainty we feel when we think someone is cheating on us. You are worth more and deserve better.

Keep reading this post for signs your partner is cheating and a surefire way to catch them:

  1. The signs your partner is cheating

  2. How to catch your partner cheating

  3. Collecting the proof you need

Signs your partner is cheating

Nearly everyone who’s been cheated on says one of two things:

  1. I should have seen it coming but ignored the signs

  2. I saw the signals but didn’t want to believe them

The hard part is, victims don’t arrive here until after they find out they’ve been cheated on. We don’t want that for you. Here are some telltale warning signs your spouse, partner, or significant other is cheating:

Smartphones, messaging, and social media

Deleting text messages and Facebook Messenger threads Removing texts and messaging app conversations is the digital version of hiding evidence under a mattress. Most people aren’t neurotic enough that they need to delete all their old texts and conversation history.

Texts and calls from strangers Is your partner getting text messages from unknown numbers or random calls they say is a wrong number? Sure, the number of robocalls and spam texts are going up, but if they’re consistently from the same number, it could be more than a spammer.

Overprotective of his or her phone One clear sign is being overprotective of his phone. Yes, personal privacy is crucial, even in a relationship. But overreacting to someone peeking at an incoming message or setting extreme boundaries on looking at their phone is a signal that they may be hiding something, like photos.

Excessive social media use Warning: this could be a false positive as people already use social media excessively. However, spending more time on social media has been linked to cheating. It’s a slippery slope to starting emotional affairs that could turn into more. If you ask them questions and suddenly they change the topic or try to deflect, it may be time to take the next step to find out the truth.

Personality changes

Waning intimacy Romantic relationships thrive or fail on the level of intimacy and vulnerability in several areas. Is there considerably less physical intimacy or communication in your relationship? Does it seem like your partner isn’t making an emotional connection the way they were before?

Ambiguous activity If you ask them where they are going or how their day was, do they only give short answers with very few details? Vague and ambiguous activity is a natural response when trying to cover something up.

If some of these signs are showing up in your relationship, it may be time to find out for sure. It’s scary and hurts to think that it might be true, but you deserve to know.

Become your own investigator and catch your cheating partner

It’s time to take action. Keep the thousands of dollars you would’ve spent on a private investigator in your pocket. We have a simple but surefire way to catch a cheating partner.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But how much is Caller ID worth? Based on our experience, it’s worth a lot. Caller ID shows us who the person is behind the call. It shows us if it’s our grandmother, parent, best friend, partner… or your partner’s mistress.

If your partner has glanced down at their phone while in your presence, hit decline and responded vaguely to who called, there’s a chance it wasn’t his boss or mother calling. If they answered you with a vague, “Oh, it’s nobody. Don’t worry about it.” you might actually want to do the opposite. But what if you could be the Caller ID they want to answer when you’re not around? What if you could call from the phone number of the person they’re cheating with and finally get answers to the questions you’ve been haunted by for months?

How to catch a cheating partner without a private investigator:

Using this approach will save you thousands of dollars a private investigator would charge.

1. Find out which phone number has been calling or texting your partner.

2. Get a call or SMS app like SpoofCard that will let you call or text from another phone number.

3. Make a call displaying the phone number of the person you suspect they’re cheating with.

4. Listen to your partner’s greeting. If they answer affectionately, you’ll immediately know your gut instinct was right.

5. If you remain silent, they’ll never know it was you who called to find out the truth or you can catch them in the lie right there.

Countless people have suspected their partner was cheating and used SpoofCard to confirm it. There’s no doubt the truth hurts, but we believe this knowledge is ultimately freeing.

Maybe you want the truth but can’t bear the thought of hearing your partner answer the phone when they think their mistress is calling. There’s an alternate version of this scenario but with text messages.

If you’re one of those people, SpoofCard’s SpoofText option is a reliable option for you to use. You can text your partner from various numbers and ask the questions that are too hard to voice.

Using SpoofCard is a surefire way to get the proof you need

Finding out whether or not your partner is cheating is painful, but if you uncover the truth before it comes out, you’ll have a little more control in a chaotic scenario, especially if you’re married or have children.

Combining call recording with the ability to control your Caller ID can help find the truth and also help you document your findings, which is especially essential when child custody and joint finances are involved.

Click here to get started and find out the truth today.

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