• Hilary P.

Announcing The New SpoofCard Affiliate Program Website

Over the past 10 months, the SpoofCard affiliate program has seen a lot of improvements and has expanded to many new affiliate marketing networks, helping us increase our reach to affiliates and also to consumers. We’ve also been lucky enough to have teamed up with some great super affiliates, who now earn thousands of dollars a month, in the process. One of the most significant improvements along the way was when we joined the PepperjamNetwork affiliate network shortly after their launch.

We’ve made the PepperjamNetwork our affiliate network of choice and have created SpoofCardPartner for anyone interested in learning more about our online affiliate marketing program and how you can earn money from SpoofCard. From SpoofCardPartner you can register for the PepperjamNetwork which will enable you to earn commissions by referring customers to SpoofCard from your website, blog, or through your marketing method of choice. Did we mention that it’s free?

Head on over to SpoofCardPartner today to sign up for our affiliate program on the PepperjamNetwork.

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