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Benefits of SpoofCard for Law Enforcement

Eliminate the Need for Note-Taking

SpoofCard allows you to record and save phone calls quickly so that you can concentrate on the conversation at hand. When speaking with witnesses and/or suspects, it's important to focus on staying engaged while also documenting the call through notes. Having the option to go back and reference recorded calls not only eliminates the need for follow-up calls and note-taking but it also provides audio files that can potentially be used as evidence in court*.

Encourage Community Relationships

No matter the size of the town you work in, there will always be people that you have repeat encounters with. If necessary, an officer can call and/or text citizens from a local number. This helps to foster trust amongst the community while still protecting the officer.

Protect Officer’s Privacy

Giving out your personal phone number can be detrimental for law enforcement. A simple Google search of your name and phone number can yield all types of personal information, like your home address, spouse, and children’s names. Using a virtual phone number offers protection from the vulnerabilities that come from using your personal cell phone number and protects you from perpetrators who may have a grudge against you.

Cost-Effective Solution

Budget constraints make it hard to fund & distribute physical mobile phones. Virtual phone lines offer a widespread, cost-effective solution. For less than two cups of coffee from your local Starbucks, you can keep both you and your family safe from having their personal information exposed. Even better, you can protect their information from getting into the wrong hands.

One App, Multiple Numbers

SpoofCard gives you the option to select a number with your desired area code or to input the specific number you’d like to display as your caller ID. Law enforcement can use different numbers depending on the circumstances.

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* Depending on state laws.

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