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Customer Testimonials Added


We received some great feedback from our recent customer survey, and when we asked our customers how they were using SpoofCard, we got some great responses! Below are just a few of many customer stories.

“My best spoof: I was owed $4,500.00 by a guy who kept dodging me. I kept calling from my number without spoof and he kept ignoring my calls. I started to spoof him from his workers phone, which I intercepted, and “voila”, I got through each time and got paid, he never figured it out either. to this day he is baffled and still owes others $, but not me…. The money I invest in SpoofCard is very sound and worthy.”
“I had a girlfriend who I thought was cheating on me with my best friend. I spoofed my friends number and called her. She answered saying ‘Hey baby I missed you.’ Her words confirmed my suspicion.”
“Spoof Card was quite helpful in getting me out of jury duty with the District Court of Minnesota. They had been jerking me around — telling me in call after call that I was excused then telling me otherwise via mail. Eventually I became fed up and recorded a call with the Clerk of Court. The next time she messed with me I invited her to issue me a summons. I informed her that I’d be happy to bring recordings of our calls — complete with her lies — to court so a judge could verbally slap her for her unprofessional conduct. The very next day I received a letter informing me that I was excused. Until I employed SpoofCard the said letter had been promised but never materialized.”
“You’ve helped us put a lot of people behind bars, really bad people. Our organization has used this service as evidence in hundreds of cases now. It’s a really great service.”

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