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How Can I Text My Ex If They Blocked My Number?

how can i text my ex if they blocked my number

How to Text Your Ex, Even If They Blocked Your Phone Number

Breakups are hard – there is no denying that. Through difficult conversations, “he said she said,” and “trying to make it work,” it is hard to leave the end of a relationship feeling as though you fully got your point across.

We’ve all had bad breakups and bad conversations that have left us in a voiceless place. What’s worse is to be shut off completely by having your phone number blocked by your ex. Admittedly, blocking your ex’s phone number is a pretty liberating feeling but if you are the one who was blocked…well, that’s a different story.

Luckily, there is an easy way to text or call your former partner if they have blocked your phone number. In this post, we’ll cover:

  1. How did your ex block your phone number?

  2. How can you tell if your ex-partner blocked your phone number?

  3. How can you text your ex, even if they’ve blocked your number?

  4. How can you get past your ex’s block list on their smartphone?

How Your Ex Blocked Your Phone Number on Their Smartphone

Unless your ex is a professional iPhone or Android hacker, it is likely that your former partner blocked your phone number using their smartphone’s default call blocking functionality.

If your phone number was stored as a contact in their address book, they would have followed these steps:

  1. Go to “Settings”

  2. Select “Phone”

  3. Access the “Blocked Contacts” List

  4. Select “Block Contact”

  5. Select contact from address book

how can i text my ex if they blocked my number

How to Tell If Your Ex Has Blocked Your Phone Number

You can tell if your phone number has been blocked by your ex in a few ways.

For text messages.  If you are unable to send messages to that phone number only, or send a text message that never shows as delivered, it is very likely your ex has blocked your phone number.

For phone calls. You can tell if you have been blocked if your phone calls go directly to voicemail. Your ex will never receive a notification that you called. And although you may be given the option to leave a voicemail, if you do, it is delivered to a designated “Blocked Numbers” folder. Your ex will never receive that voicemail notification, either. 

How to Text Your Ex, Even If They’ve Blocked You

The good news is that there is only good news. There is an easy way to text your ex if they have blocked your phone number. Because your phone number has been blocked and your ex likely will recognize your phone number, changing your caller ID is the most effective way to get past default iPhone and Android phone number blocking.

Caller ID control allows you to change your caller ID to send and receive texts and calls from a specific phone number of your choosing. You can change your caller ID to a number similar to your ex’s, change your caller ID to show as blocked, or even display the number of his/her new partner, if you know who that is. 

SpoofCard is the best app to easily make calls and send texts from a second phone number. With SpoofCard, your caller ID no longer holds you back from getting your point across – especially after a bad breakup.

Follow these simple steps to text your ex if they’ve blocked your phone number:

  1. Open the SpoofCard App

  2. Select “SpoofText” on the navigation bar

  3. Select “New SpoofText”

  4. Enter the phone number to send the text to, or select from your contacts

  5. Select the phone number you’d like to display as your caller ID

how can i text my ex if they blocked my number

It’s really that simple! From there, SpoofCard will allow you to send and receive text messages in the “Texting” feature within the app.

Your text messages are delivered to your ex’s phone, and even if they try to block that caller ID you will be able to easily send a text from a new phone number within seconds.

Best of all, if they reply, you will see their response and be able to continue the dialogue. Who knows, maybe things will work out for the better after you contact them!

Conclusion: SpoofCard Helps Get Your Point Across  

Breakups are hard, but getting the last word in a bad breakup doesn’t have to be.

SpoofCard lets you say what you need to get off your chest when you otherwise would not be able to. SpoofCard has helped over 4 million people protect their caller ID to send text or make calls over the phone. With a 4.6 rating in the app store and more than 10,000 reviews, SpoofCard is the best solution to help you get your point across to your ex. So go ahead, say what you need to say. We are rooting for you! 

Text Your Ex with SpoofCard Today!

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