• Hilary P.

Introducing New Realistic Background Noises For Your Phone Calls

Today SpoofCard is launching not one, not two, but THREE new background noises to add to your calls so you can sound like you're anywhere!

With the introduction of dogs barking, the airport terminal, and police sirens, SpoofCard now features eight realistic background noises to choose from. You might be wondering why you’d want to add background noises to your calls. Besides having some fun with your friends, you can use the car honking background noise to make it sound like you’re stuck in traffic on your way to work when you call your boss!

Need to call someone back but want to make sure the call is kept short? Use the cell phone interference noise to make it sound like you’ve got a bad connection! Make it sound like you’re outside in a crowd when you know you’re sitting at home without anything exciting happening! The possibilities are endless, for both the real world and fun pranks. Best of all, there are no extra fees for adding voice changers or background noises to your calls with SpoofCard!

Our new background noises are available on our mobile and desktop websites, along with our mobile apps.

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