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SpoofCard’s Response to COVID-19

Hi there!

We wanted to share with you what to expect in the wake of COVID-19, as well as how SpoofCard can help you through this time.

First and foremost, there will be no interruptions with our service. We’re fully committed to supporting you and your business by continuing to deliver A+ support to you during this time.

What measures have we taken?

  1. We’ve gone from an in-office company to a 100% remote company for the time being. Everyone has been asked to work from home and practice social distancing until it’s considered safe to stop doing so.

  2. We’re encouraging our employees (and anyone else we speak with) to follow the guidance from WHO and CDC to keep safe.

Many people are being required to work from home in an effort to protect and prevent the spread of COVID-19. We know this can be tough on a lot of people, but we believe we can help to keep you productive while working remotely.

SpoofCard gives you the ability to display a number other than your own when placing calls. When working remotely, you might be forced to use your personal phone to place business calls, which impacts your personal privacy and your separation of work from personal life.

Now more than ever, SpoofCard can help you stay protected and get your business calls answered. When making calls, simply input your office number as the number to display as the Caller ID. This will ensure the people you’re calling know who it is, plus you’ll have easy access to call logs to show proof of the work completed. You can even record your calls should you need to show a manager the work that was done while you were remote.

Our goal has always been to keep you protected, and our goal is no different here. When working remotely, it’s even more important to protect your personal information and we hope you’ll consider using SpoofCard to aid in that regard. We’ve made it super simple to do with our iOS and Android apps, as well as our website that can be used to set up your calls. If you have any questions or need help, our support team is available and happy to assist you.

Stay safe and remember your health is of utmost importance. We look forward to a healthier and safer future for us all.


The SpoofCard Team

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