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Spring Cleaning Hacks to Help Get You Organized

If you’re anything like us, then you are counting down the days until Spring has sprung! With warmer weather and the change of seasons, comes the motivation to refresh and revamp different aspects of your life.

Maybe that looks like updating your closet or cleaning out your pantry. It could mean doing a deep clean of your home or organizing all the photos on your phone. The notion behind “spring cleaning” reminds us to take a look at our lives and determine what we may no longer need or what needs to be organized.

However it looks for you, we have some helpful tips to push you along.

In Your Home

Focus on One Room at a Time

Breaking down your spring cleaning agenda into individual rooms will help you not feel so overwhelmed. You can even set time limits so you don’t get stuck in one space.

Consider Seasonal Chores

Spring is a great opportunity to complete seasonal maintenance such as cleaning the grill, power washing the patio, and putting away holiday decorations.

Donate Goods

Whether it is unopened, unperishable food items, or clothing you’ve outgrown, donating is a great way to clear out space while helping others.

Sell Previously Loved Items

That air fryer you’ve only used once? That designer handbag you never wear? Try listing them on local buying & selling platforms such as Facebook Marketplace or LetGo.

In Your Digital Sphere

Download the Latest Security Updates

How many times have you clicked “Remind me later”? Take a few minutes to run all of the security updates across your computer, mobile phone, and apps.

Start Using a Second Phone Number to Communicate

Get into the habit of using a second phone number to separate your personal life from your professional. Not only will you be protecting your personal information, but you will also find it extremely useful when communicating with people that aren’t in your contact list.

Clear All Your Cookies

It is recommended that you clear your cookies and browser history about once a month unless you are using public WiFi (then you should clear them after each use).

Spring Cleaning doesn't have to feel like a bunch of chores that take up your whole weekend. Spread out these tasks over the course of a few weeks. By the time the flowers have bloomed and the spring showers are over, you'll feel ready to embrace the next season!

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