• Hilary P.

The Verdict Is In: Appeals Court Rules “Non-Harmful” Caller ID Spoofing Is Legal

As Wired so beautifully pointed out, a federal appeals court this week has reversed a Mississippi law banning Caller ID Spoofing. The decision comes almost one year after we initially won our case against the state, before the decision was ultimately appealed by the state.

“In essence, the appeals court concluded that the Mississippi statute went too far. The legislative history of the Truth in Caller ID Act shows that Congress authorized legitimate spoofing, and noted its importance for domestic-violence victims or consumers providing temporary phone numbers to businesses,” the court said.

With the appeals case now also ruled in our favor, a precedent has been set across the nation that Caller ID spoofing is simply 100% legal in the United States if it’s not done with “the intent to defraud, cause harm, or wrongfully obtain anything of value”. This is important for our users, who now have the courts backing them, and we hope it may also be an important ruling that can help us get back into the Google Play Store and the iPhone App Store after our apps were improperly labeled as “illegal”.

It’s been a long fight, but things are finally starting to pay off for us and our users.

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